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Full Mouth Reconstruction


Full mouth rejuvenation with dental implants allows a patient to turn back the clock by restoring premature wear, or broken and dysfunctional teeth. Not only does this dramatically improve the appearance of a patient's smile, but more importantly restores his or her ability to chew normally, relieving chronic pain in the joint and teeth by redesigning the bite and the way the teeth function together.

Dr. Epstein's expertise and his vast experience in treating patients with chronic conditions gives him exceptional insight into the most appropriate treatment using dental implants.


You may be a candidate full mouth reconstruction using dental implants if:


  • You must reconstruct how your teeth come together to relieve pain in the jaw joint

  • If you have excessive wear or breakdown on every tooth

  • Destruction or failing restorations dictate that conservative dentistry is no longer an option

  • You experience recurring headaches unimproved by other therapies

  • Chronic hot/cold sensitivity

  • You want to "youthenize" your appearance by changing the position of your jaw that mimics the result of a non-surgical facelift


Full mouth rejuvenation utilizes current technologies to reshape and rebuild one's teeth, gums, and surrounding areas. Dr. Epstein customizes his treatment strategy for each unique case. With full mouth rejuvenation, you do not have to settle for the natural course of aging your mouth has taken. You can eat without getting pangs of discomfort from hot or cold food, you can start your day without soreness in your jaw, and you can complete tasks without having to fight recurring headaches. 


Bone Loss After Tooth Loss
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Patient Before and After
Patient Before and After
Patient Before and After

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